Composite Insulator

I . Technical Advantage

1. Pollution proof, Maintenance Free. It has hydrophobicity transfer, the special characteristic of silicon rubber, which makes the surface of dusty insulator has good hydrophobicity and can operate without cleaning.
2. High mechanical load. It’s inside FRP rod, whose tensile load is 2 times of common steel and 8-10 times of high strength ceramic material. It keeps the reliability of electric net effectively.
3. Compact size and light in weight (only 1/10 – 1/7 of ceramic insulator), hard to damage and convenient installation and transportation.
4. Anti-Puncture, zero value is not required to measure.
5. Good Ability on anti-aging and corrosion. It can operate long time under various outdoor environments.
6. Changed mutually with ceramic insulator with the same load.

II . Normative Reference

IEC 61109
IEC 60383
IEC 62217

III . Type Specification

IV. Major Technical Parameter

DC Composite Insulator Major Technical Parameter

AC Composite Insulator Major Technical Parameter

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