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Composite Interphase Spacer

Technical Advantage

The composite interface spacer bar has the same merit as composite insulator. It has excellent effect on both insulation and anti-dust. It is outstanding on machinery ability and light mass as well. Because of light mass, it shows the rigid structure. Installed between 2- phase leads of circuitry, it not only brings burden to the circuitry tower, but also avoids flashover happened as 2-phase leads dancing and closing by its rigid machinery support. Therefore, it has generally solved the harm of wire dancing.

Using Standard : IEC 61854

Type Specification :
Major Technical Parameter :

1. Extension Load : 100 kN;
2. Compression Load : 8.5 kN;
1. Transverse Load : 500 n.m;
2. Torsion Load : 150 N.m;
3. Full Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage : 1022 kV;
4. 1 min Power- Frequency Wet Withstand Voltage : 395 kV

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